Why You Should Grow Your Own Weed


If you like smoking cannabis, the thought of growing your own must have crossed your mind. And with weed legal in a number of states, the time could not have been any better. Growing your own buds can have many benefits but many people shy away, thinking it is too much of a hassle. On the contrary, growing weed at home has gotten considerably simple. Once you start growing, you will learn things on your own and who knows it might even become your hobby. In countries like Cambodia, growing your own marijuana is very common even though the plant is technically illegal.

You Control Everything For me, this is the best thing about growing by yourself as you are the one controlling what goes into your plants. You have the complete control of different aspects of growing from planting seeds to harvesting. You decide what system to adopt and what nutrients to supply. You can choose the best LED grow light for your buds and keep the plants under the best grow tent. Along the way, you will discover the system that works best for you. Obviously, when you are growing yourself and for yourself, you want the best results so you would not use any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, this is the reason why many weed users prefer growing their own.

You Get To Experiment Just look back ten years and there would be dozens of marijuana products that did not even exist back then. The cannabis industry is flourishing and coming up with new and better products. So what is stopping you from experimenting at home? You can try growing different kinds of strains and discover new stuff. Also, growing your own plants basically gives you access to all parts of it; the leaves, the stem, and the seeds. You can utilize these parts too for many different products. If you are crazy creative, you can perhaps try out these things with stems. My personal favorite is the marijuana topical as it is relatively easy to make and incredibly therapeutic.

Home Cultivation is Easier Now Gone are the days when cultivating any crop meant a great deal of manual labor. Thanks to new technologies, growing at home has become rather easy. For instance, the best hydroponic grow kit should allow you to grow 30 percent faster. Similarly, there are many other devices that help you take care of your plants and produce effective results. As for the learning material, it is easily available on the internet. And if you still like to read a book, there are many good books out there too. All information related to growing weed is easily available and can be accessed with just a click. In fact, you can join forums for home growers of weed and ask questions from those who are seasoned growers.

You Save Money The initial investment you will have to make can hinder your aspirations but in my experience, you should be able to save up that much money back in a short time. Yes, you will have to be patient especially if you are growing a few plants, which is usually the limit in most states and countries where weed is legal. Instead of splurging on costly marijuana products, you can simply roll your own joints and cook your own edibles. Also, once you have purchased most of the equipment you will not have to resupply anytime soon.

It Is Legal So Why Not? Our pot enthusiast brothers and sisters have worked really hard to make growing your own weed under your own roof a reality. So why not give it a try after all? As long as you follow the stipulations of your state, you are good to grow your own. You can legally buy seeds and clones from dispensaries which is why we are seeing an increased interest in home cultivation.

Conclusion Growing your own weed in your own home is now a reality everyone is pretty happy to accept. And given the many benefits it has, it only makes sense to give it a try. You do not even need a large grow space or an open garden. With grow lights and tents, you can do it indoors without any hassle. And the best part is it is completely pure and the way you like it. If you live in a state where it is legal to grow marijuana at home, you should take the opportunity as unlike you many still cannot do it legally

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