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Trulieve Medical Marijuana Doctors

Who Are Trulieve Doctors?

In Florida, physicians who are board-certified and participate in the medical marijuana program can also be listed as featured Trulieve doctors on their dispensary website. Since they are the largest dispensary in Florida, and boast hundreds of thousands of patients, which buy MMJ products from them, its no wonder MMJ docs want to be listed as Trulieve doctors as well. 

Best Trulieve Doctors in Florida

To-date, there are over 2,000 state-certified medical marijuana doctors who can legally recommend MMJ to qualified patients. Not all of them are actually helping patients, or actively participating in the program. However, below are the best Trulieve doctors featured on their website as helping patients get certified for MMJ today. 

Dr. Joshua Henry M.D.

North Florida Sports and Spine Center

Palm Coast, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Adam Berry M.D,

Your THC Doc

West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Kashouty

Premier Neurology Center

Stuart, FL

Dr. Andrea Zotovas M.D.

South Florida Pain Management

North Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Saman Soleymani

Avecina Medical and Wellness Center

Jacksonville, FL

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