Some CBD Oil Benefits You May Not Have Though About

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We have all read about the health benefits that Cannabinoid (CBD) has on human health over-all. Plus CBD has successfully treated specific health conditions and symptoms traditionally treated with harsh addictive medications. Some of these have been nothing short of amazing like CBD to treat seizures and Epilepsy in children and long-term pain management using regular CBD Oil dosing.

But there are some new findings that suggest cannabis specifically CBD and THC can be used to successfully treat opioid addiction even in the worst cases. Recent research by Sanjay Gupta as seen on CNN shows the results of a 5-year study into exactly how this process works.

CBD was used in high doses to treat the symptoms of withdrawal that every opioid addict fears the most when trying to quit. The cannabinoid in marijuana was found to organically lower anxiety, reduce pain and regulate the body making the 5-10 day withdrawal period bearable. Since withdrawal is the number one reason for addicts to relapse finding a substance that isn’t addictive to get people through this stage was a big win.

But that’s not all after months and years of CBD treatments, doctors found that scans of the addict’s brain showed that CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid system as well as parts of the brain. But the findings also showed that parts of the brain damaged and not functioning due to long-term opioid addiction were turning back on and repairing themselves because of CBD.

To find a substance that works systematically and repairs brain cells in this way, may be one of the biggest discoveries to date. The current legislation banned American researchers from testing cannabis for more potential health benefits to humans.

As a schedule 1 drug with the federal government marijuana is illegal and not something they will fund the research for.

Several lawsuits challenging current laws in the US were filed in 2018, with no word on legislative changes yet. Still, 30 states across the nation have legalized marijuana as a medication, or for recreational use. The views about cannabis are changing and people are seeing that far less dangerous ways to treat than traditional medications like opioids, which kill over 60,000 people each year in the US.

Leading scientist and cannabis supporters urge change since marijuana has never reportedly killed anyone in the history of mankind.

Humans aren’t the only ones benefiting from CBD because now animals can get the same relief naturally. Anything from dogs, to cats, horses and any animal that can benefit are now getting CBD treatments from their owners with measurable results.

CBD has known anti-inflammation properties and can help pets suffering from joint issues and muscle pain.

CBD can greatly reduce your pet’s anxiety and can even stop seizures in some cases. Just the same as in humans CBD’s can be taken daily to greatly improve your dog, or cats over-all health and quality of life.

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