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Price of Cannabis Per State

Cannabis is getting more popular in the US as legalization efforts expand. So where is it the most popular now, and how much have prices dropped in legal states? Are all those dispensaries selling popular dry herb vaporizers making a statistical impact? And how are prices compared with other countries? That’s what we’re going to explore in this article.

Which states are using pot the most? The 10 most popular states for cannabis use, legal and illegal, are as follows according to CBS News:

  • California: 12.88% of the population

  • Maine: 13.56%

  • Washington D.C.: 14.26%

  • Rhode Island: 14.32%

  • Oregon: 14.45%

  • Massachusetts: 14.55%

  • New Hampshire: 14.88%

  • Colorado: 15.09%

  • Vermont: 15.97%

  • Alaska: 16.09%

Many of these states have legalized recreational use, but some of them like Rhode Island have not. Because the CBS report relies on population, states with a small population could be ranked higher than they should be. There are definitely a lot of smokers in Rhode Island relative to the population! Remember that there are just a little over 1 million people in the entire state.

Despite being last in our list, California does have the city with the most recreational pot smokers in the nation. Over 15% of San Francisco's population uses cannabis, putting the numbers at well over 4.6 million users. California’s rankings may rise as more regulations get put into place because they are the most populous state in the list and they have a strong grower culture.

But what about prices? Prices are usually reported in ounces, which is quite a lot of cannabis. Nevertheless, here are some current price ranges for cannabis in these states, as reported by users:

  • Oregon: $204 per ounce

  • California: $242

  • Colorado: $243

  • Alaska: $294

  • Maine: $305

  • Rhode Island: $314

  • Massachusetts: $334

  • Washington D.C. $346

  • New Hampshire: $351

  • Vermont: $367

A clear trend emerges. States with legalization can get much cheaper prices than in places that still make cannabis illegal. D.C. is a notable exception because it is illegal to sell cannabis commercially, so there are no price pressures to force costs lower. The state with the most expensive cannabis is North Dakota at $387 per ounce. The average price nationwide is $280-$320 per ounce, depending on the quality of the cannabis.

As more states legalize, more producers go on the market, and clearer regulations emerge, these should press prices down further. But how do America’s prices stand up to other countries?

As far as cannabis use goes, Uruguay is a pothead’s paradise. Uruguay has the cheapest cannabis in the world at around $28 per ounce. Their price is set by law and you can grow plants for your own use. Other cheap countries include the following:

  • Brazil: $68 per ounce

  • India: $86

  • Afghanistan: $123

  • South Africa: $126

As you can see, the prices are exceptionally lower in these countries compared to America. However, it is only in Uruguay that use is fully legal. Even India, who has used the plant for centuries, has been giving it a lot of side-eye the past few decades. out of these five countries.

What about on the expensive end?

  • Norway: $621/ounce

  • Estonia: $575

  • Finland: $542

  • Japan: $444

  • Ireland: $381

The most expensive state just touches the region of the top five most expensive countries to purchase cannabis, but then it rapidly goes down from there. However, we have a long way to go before we can hit the prices of the cheaper countries!

Comparing states to countries is useful because it is still illegal in all of the cannabis-legal states to transport it over state lines. Thus, we can compare foreign economies to each one. America sits in the upper half of the range of cannabis pricing, but if prices continue to get pulled downward with legalization, we may end up being one of the cheaper nations to get high in. Needless to say, if you want to cheapest rates in America, it’s time to pack your bags and move to Oregon.


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