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Lime Skunk Strain | Lime Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Updated: Nov 3

Lime Skunk marijuana strain is one of those Sative dominant hybrids, that you always want to have available because it leaves such a memorable impression on those who smoke it.

Lime Skunk is a balanced cross between Lemon Skunk and Green Ribbon, both known for their uplifting, euphoric buzz that caters to the recreational crowd along with the medical marijuana community.

The strain has become so popular that you can buy Lime Skunk seeds at every reputable retailer and dispensary nationwide. The best is the Lime Skunk feminized seeds that are over 90% guaranteed to give you a healthy female plant to grow.

Unlike with some other Sativa strains, Lime Skunk allows for a relaxing, euphoric high that leaves you with a clear, focused mind. As you would suspect you will know it when you smell it since this pungent cannabis hybrid has a strong lemon smell that permeates everywhere.

Lime Skunk also has a bright lime green color and the buds glisten with colorful amber trichomes full of THC. The medical marijuana patients love this strain because they can manage so many conditions that typically are treated with benzos and more. However with Lime Skunk patients are able to successfully treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD, plus depression symptoms are almost nonexistent with regular dosing.

Growers love the high yields and sticky Sativa buds that are produced from Lime Skunk seeds for sale these days. You can find different dispensaries selling what they call Lime Skunk marijuana and now you have a great guide to being able to verify that's what you're growing too.

This is a Sativa crossed with another Sativa and therefore growers will have to deal with the plants fast growth and towering buds. But if you cut early, or flower quickly you can successfully harvest a full room of flower within 65 days.

Some additional Uses Of Lime Skunk Sativa Hybrid Strain:

  • To Treat Anxiety

  • To Treat ADD and ADHD

  • Mood Enhancer

  • Mood Stimulator

  • To Treat Depression

If you're looking for medical marijuana seeds specifically for Lime Skunk you can typically find them available, however, these seeds are in high demand and the stock does run low now and again.

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