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Lemon Thai Kush Seeds | Lemon Thai Kush Marijuana Strain

Updated: Nov 3

Lemon Thai Kush is a powerful marijuana strain thats been around as long as cannabis has existed. It is an even 50% Sativa and 50% Indica making it a true hybrid.

Being from both worlds of marijuana Lemon Thai Kush offers a relaxing euphoric driven high, with just enough energy to not feel sleepy. Old school smokers know more about this particular strain since its lineage can be traced back to Thailand centuries ago.

In states where medical marijuana is legal many patients love Lemon Thai Kush strain because of the uplifting effects that are leveled out by the Indica's relaxation. Doctors have been implementing its use in patients' pain management treatment plans successfully. Some other medical conditions that Lemon Thai Kush is good for include.




As A Sleep Aid

PTSD Symptoms


Cancer and Chemo Symptoms


You can buy Lemon Thai Kush Medical Seeds for sale online or in a dispensary lucky enough to have it available.

You may have to search a bit before you find a reputable place to buy Lemon Thai Kush seeds since they are a well-kept secret by a small portion of local growers.

You're best bet would be a national seed company that specializes in the best seeds for sale online. However, you may find that a local dispensary carries them in stock and it's worth calling around to find out for sure.

This is one of the more durable strains of marijuana to grow from seed. It's hearty and able to produce thick dense buds with pounds of harvested cannabis.

The indoor-grown Lemon Thai Kush plants can be brought from seed to flower within around 60-70 days. These medium-sized plants are excellent when grown outdoors too and can tower above other crops at 15 ft, or more.

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