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Blueberry Marijuana seeds for sale

The Blueberry marijuana strain may be one of the most notable in history and has won many prestigious awards like the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica strain. But more than just the awards that have adorned Blueberry strain over the years, is the overwhelming support that recreational and, medical marijuana users have for it.

The distinct blue color buds are easily recognizable, after many years perfecting this strain. Beigh trichomes adorn the flowers just before they are ready for harvest, around 60-65 days.

Plus, you will know this Indica strain is ready to cut down after the deep heavy resin, is well set into the interior of the buds.

Not to mention, it's a potent strain by anyone's standards and, produces a relaxed, euphoric effect that you can feel immediately, no creeper weed here.

Being one of the most popular marijuana strains on the planet has it's perks and, you can buy Blueberry marijuana seeds in many different places.

Well-know marijuana seed retailers always offer some type of Blueberry seeds for sale because the demand is always there.

Moreover, you can buy premium Blueberry seeds online, where you can research the cultivation processes, and even get the genetic breakdown of, exactly how their Blueberry seeds were bred.

Strain specs;

  • Flowering - 60 days

  • Yield - 2 -4 ounces per plant indoors

  • Strain - Mostly Indica

  • Price - Low, between $5 - $7

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