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Black Destroyer Seeds for Sale

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When you talk about high-quality marijuana seeds that will give you massive yields, coupled with strong, potent effects, then Black Destroyer seeds for sale, are for you. This strain was originally cultivated by the original Sensi-Seeds and, is without question, a powerful Indica dominant strain.

Black Destroyer seeds were made from a cross between AK-47, and Black Domina Indica strains. Nobody really knew that crossing these two potent marijuana strains, would produce such a resinous, powerful strain as Black Destroyer, but everyone would soon be fans.

Medical marijuana doctors recommend Black Destroyer strain to patients with conditions like; hyperactivity syndrome, ADD, ADHD, sleep-aid, for insomnia and, other conditions that require rest & relaxation.

" The medical community loves this strain because of the very high Terahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which comes in at 22% "

There aren't many places that still have the original genetics or can sell Black Destroyer strains themselves. However, if your looking to maximize your yields, by harvesting gigantic, resinous buds, after about 55-60 days, then find it.

Strain Specs;

  • Flowering - 55-65 days

  • Yields - High, 4 ounces - 8 ounces per plant indoors

  • Strain - Indica dominant

  • Cost - If you can find seeds? $5 - $10 per seed

  • Effects - Drowsy euphoric high, with sleep-inducing components in high doses.

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