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Apply for you're Florida Medical Marijuana Cards now

If you're interested in getting you're Florida Medical Marijuana Cards then there are a couple things you must do now. The amendment 2 legislation is still being hashed out by our state legislators, and will be in effect by September 2017. In the meantime you can still get your medical marijuana card in the sunshine state. !st you will need to see a Florida state certified medical marijuana doctor. Then you're clock starts ticking down on the 90 day wait that Florida still has in effect from 2016 Charlotte's Web Legislation (Hopefully this will change come Sept.)

After you have seen the doctor and come up with why you qualify for MMj which honestly isn't hard now a days even muscle spasms is considered a debilitating issue and qualifies you. Then you can create your patient portal on The Office of Compassionate Use main website, this is where you will have to supply the department with proper ID, proof of residence, and a passport or state issued photo ID, and a check for $75 registration fee. Then all you need to do is wait till your 90 days is up! Once it is then you can go online or visit any one of the 7 dispensaries throughout the state and order your meds. You can go into pick them up or for an additional $25 they will home deliver your 70 day supply.

So getting qualified is not difficult anymore, but please be careful there are plenty of scams already rising up. We have been referring clients to a few well known and very reasonably Medical Marijuana Doctors and we have the best one listed below. Coastal Medical and Wellness Center in Stuart Florida. They may not be around the corner from you, however they offer new patients Video appointments for those who cant make the trip. This is huge since most of us don't live in Stuart. It doesn't matter which doctor you see as long as they are state certified to prescribe marijuana. Coastal is accepting new patients now, simply schedule with them online or call them to answer any questions you may have on Florida Medical Marijuana Laws, or appointment times and fees.

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