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Alaskan Thunderfuck Seeds for Sale | Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana seeds

Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds are in high demand these days, due to the overwhelming quality and ease of growing.

The Alaskan Thunderfuck marijuana strain was born from a mixture of Northern Russian Sativa with a Russian ruderalis. This cold weather beauty hits you hard and gives you an instant rush of Sativa energy, followed by a long-lasting vibrant high.

This strain is easy to smoke as people report that it's not harsh and the cough only lasts for a few seconds. The aroma that Alaskan Thunderfuck has is an earthy diesel smell, with a light fruity finish.

Since this marijuana strain packs such a euphoric punch, its known to be a great pain relief strain for medical patients. But Alaskan Thunderfuck is very useful to people suffering from PTSD, ADD and ADHD, Depression, or Anxiety. The strong head high can literally alleviate these symptoms within minutes of use.

Many professional growers and Marijuana Dispensaries love growing Alaskan Thunderfuck because it has the tallness of typical Sativa plants that grow long and lanky. But this strain also comes with hearty buds not usually found on Sativa dominant plants. The buds almost touch and during the last 2 weeks of flowering and develope an array of golden brown trichomes that enrich the THC packed buds looks and flavors!

You can get feminized seeds that almost guarantee you a female plant which can be cloned, or grown from seed to flower.

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