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Florida Marijuana Smoking Ban Lawsuit Update

As of July attorney John Morgan from Orlando FL filed a Florida marijuana smoking ban lawsuit, claiming that the "ban on smoking flower" un constitutional. Florida legislators approved Amendment 2 back in June allowing for expanded medical conditional that now qualify for a medical marijuana card. However lawmakers wrote the legislation to include a smoking ban, which does not allow for the purchase or use of the actual plant material. The suit addresses several things including the quality of patient care and that state lawmakers are trying to take the place of our doctors who should be the ones to decide what medicine is best for their patients needs.

Morgan goes on to explain that there are long-term cannabis smokers who can only get the full effects of their medicine when properly smoked. Furthermore in states where marijuana has been legal for over a decade, there haven't been any health related issue from smoking te flower. In fact in the history of cannabis there have been no lung cancer cases directly linked to smoking weed.

The state fired back saying that there was no language in the amendment stating that smoking was necessary and if it was so important then it should have been included. They feel that "smoking" would implicate unnecessary health risks to patients and that they allowed vaping marijuana which gives the desired effects with none of the harm from smoking.

Pam Bondi went on to file a motion to dismiss Morgans lawsuit but the judge has yet to rule on her motion. Morgan has recently added 3 new witnesses to his suit. All current cannabis users with different debilitating illnesses that only smoking the cannabis flower relieves. They are expected to testify to the fact that limiting patients to only edibles or vape oil is wrong and doesn't offer the full health benefits that pot offers. Furthermore the amendment passed this year with 71% of the vote for legalization.

Just about everyone that voted wants to be legally allowed to smoke flower. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are on fire with angry patients needing immediate relief this magic plant offers. They all have the same battle cry to lift the current marijuana smoking ban in Florida.

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