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Can Employers Still Drug Test In Legal States

The marijuana industry in the U.S. is still in it's infancy and some issues have had much controversy surrounding them. One that patients nation wide feel is un fair is most employers still drug test for marijuana in states where it's legal.

People feel that if a doctor can prescribe you much more powerful drugs like Opioids and Benzodiazepines legally, then why the discrimination twards cannabis? Today patients fear that they will loose their jobs if the boss finds out they are using pot as medicine. Nationwide Americans are successfully proving that marijuana can treat symptoms of debilitating illnesses with astounding results, so why are employers still testing?

The answer is simple, marijuana is sill a schedule 1 drug according to the federal government. This class represents illicit street drugs like heroin and cocaine. They are deemed to have zero medical benefits and are considered highly illegal to use, or even posses. Schedule one classification for cannabis is simply ridiculous and represents a HUGE disconnect with lawmakers. Marijuana has already been found to have so many health benefits and states in the U.S. are legalizing it for medical purposes every election cycle. Many states are also pushing for full recreational, all while our federal government does nothing and seems to turn a blind eye to the people needs.

If the federal government would reclassify cannabis, not only would doctors be able to prescribe instead of just recommend, our major insurance carriers would be able to offer coverage to patients in need of treatment. Doing this would actually save them millions per year by reducing opioid usage and addiction. We are seeing studies that long-term opioid pain management patients are now replacing their traditional meds with cannabis. We have recorded a noticeable drop in opioid related issues in states where pot is legal. Of coarse this would also eliminate employers from drug testing for cannabis, since it would be considered a federally legal medicine (which it is) instead of an illicit drug like it is now.

No one is saying that marijuana is the answer to all of the worlds medical problems. However, in the short time it has been legal in states like California, Colorado, Washington, Florida and Oregon it has had numerous medical applications in humans. People should not have to choose between powerful, conventional medicines proven to be addictive and a safer, affective, organic alternative like marijuana. Have you ever heard of someone getting injured or having surgery and their boss telling them they can't get pain meds or they will be fired? It's crazy to say but that's exactly what is happening when employers drug test workers for pot in states where it is already legal.

Support " The Florida Cannabis Act " 2018 Recreational Legalization

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