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Marijuana Breathalyzer - The Hound - Hound Labs

Cannabis legalization has swept the U.S. in the past couple of years, with 25 states now offering some type of legal marijuana . Whether you can access medical marijuana like here in Florida, or simply walk into any dispensary and buy recreational weed like in Colorado, the marijuana industry is tracking to gross 8 billion dollars in 2017.

With all of this marijuana being bought, sold and consumed, law enforcement reports a rise in DUI's in states where cannabis is legal. More so in recreational states like Colorado and Washington, but most of them have seen a rise. Recognizing as more states legalize cannabis and popularity for its use rises, police need a reliable, accurate way to test for marijuana intoxication in the field. A marijuana breathalyzer is thought to be the answer and a few companies have tried their versions with little success.

One company, Hound Labs is at the forefront and has created a device "The Hound" which they claim analyzes a persons breath to see how intoxicated (stoned) they are. The Hound does this by calculating how many marijuana molecules are left on the breath over an elapsed time. The device measure the breath because blood, and urine can stay saturated in cannabis for weeks after use. However the breath only stores marijuana for a limited elapsed time and lessens much like alcohol over some hours. The company claims the science works and law enforcement has began to take interest in this technology.

Hound Labs has been field testing The Hound since 2014 when the company started. CEO Dr. Mike Lynn says that this is a revolutionary device will change the way we field test drivers for impairment nationwide.

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