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Benefits Of Medical Marijuana for Pets

Our pets truly are part of our family and we only want the best for them. We make sure they are fit and healthy, eat the best food and exercise daily. However sometimes like us our furry friends do become sick, or afflicted with illness. Of coarse our main focus is getting them well and you just might be surprised at how marijuana can help.

As cannabis popularity grows for human use, many people are also considering the benefits of medical marijuana for pets. According to Daily Treat a well known company and a 2016 survey conducted by the Colorado State University. 64 % of pet owners agree that cannabis has moderately to greatly treated one or more issues their pet was suffering from. In states where marijuana is already legal, there are ongoing studies showing drastic improvements in joint inflammation and pain for pets receiving CBD Oil treatments.

There have been studies done for years documenting the benefits of medical marijuana for pets. But the BEST news is that normal people and pet owners like you and I, across the U.S. are speaking out about their experiences treating their own pets with pot. Amongst these are elderly pets that were dealing with debilitating illness, or simply normal old age issues. These animals showed great improvements and their owners are happy because the quality of life got so much better. Let's take a closer look at what conditions can be treated in your pet with medical marijuana and CBD Oil.

As in humans there are many ways for your pet to consume cannabis. Like us you can give it to your dogs and cats in pill form. Depending on your pets personality this may not work, if not cannabis oil is always a great alternative. You can simply add the recommended dose to your pets food, or directly into their mouth if possible. You can find treats that are already infused with cannabis, which seems to be a great way to introduce marijuana to them. You may have to find what works best for your fur baby and with so many choices it should be easy to accomplish.

Just like with humans, there are many effective ways to treat your pet with cannabis. Capsules are always a good way one to use, especially if your pet is used to taking medication this way. Oils are also a great option, since you can get tincture CBD for dogs and cats. You can use the oil right in their food, or on a treat. Just make sure that you read the directions and are properly dosing your animal. Like we mentioned, treats are becoming a half billion dollar per year industry. You can find cannabis infused dog and cat treats in all sorts of flavors, colors and shapes. This is by far the most popular way to treat, since we know our pets will always love their treats. These are just a few ideas, you can find forums online with people just like you talking about their experiences, we highly suggest you join the discussion.

The potential health risks associated with medical marijuana for pets is minimal, to non existent according to studies done by leading cannabis industry labs. The best part of treating your animal with cannabis is you may be able to reduce or simply stop giving them conventional medicine that do have harmful side effects.

You should always start you pet on the smallest dose possible. Knowing that you want them getting fast relief, you don't want to give them to much at one time. Even though some of the pain symptoms may go away quickly, it may take a few days to see things like visible inflammation reduced. Making sure that your pet stays comfortable and healthy is always goal #1.

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