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7 Must Know Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Over the past few years cannabis oil has been proven very beneficial to humans and an effective treatment for all types of ailments.

The 2 most consequential molecules found in marijuana are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. These seem to have the largest impact on our vital systems. Researches believe that THC and CBD compounds have the best potential for medicinal use. CBD also known as Cannabidiol gives users relief without the psychoactive effect. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol has many known applications affecting the brain with what is commonly associated with marijuana's Hi.


Cannabis oil is known to have a pain releaving effects with patients suffering from cancer, chemo associated with cancer, chronic pain due to another debilitating illness or inflammation due to injuries or disease. Marijuana's pain relieving properties have gained much support recently and many people are utilizing pot instead of more traditional and addictive medicines.


Anyone who has tried cannabis in any form knows about the appetite enhancing effects that it has. Better known as the munchies, it can stimulate your digestive system and help it function better consistently. Many oncologists have been recommending cannabis oil to their cancer patients, while undergoing chemotherapy. Helping them to eat well and insure improvement in nutrition for a healthy immune system and more. Eating properly is key to promoting a general healthy well-being


People have understood that certain strains of cannabis can be used to promote a great night sleep. People who live stressful lives, have long work hours and generally have anxiety often find it hard to wind down for a good night sleep. Cannabis is a side effect free alternative to conventional sleep aids. Patients who have access to medical marijuana can buy trans dermal patches at night to easily combat symptoms of insomnia.


It's well known that marijuana, specifically THC, when ingested attaches to the part of the brain responsible for regulating relaxation. When the right does is taken the user can instantly feel their excitability go away and a calming feeling prevails. Worldwide, including child Epilepsy has shown maybe the greatest achievements in seizure control. Their are cases of kids as young as 6 having 200 seizures per day, taking strong anti-seizure medications now dosing with THC and CBD combos, that are down to no seizures at all.


Cannabis oil has been linked directly to eye health and greatly reduces Glaucoma and the prevention of macular degeneration. Age has an effect on the eye and the tissue naturally weekens with age, CBD has been shown to aid regeneration of that tissue and keep it healthier, longer.


Cannabis, particularly CBD Cannabinoid is most well known for it's calming effects on the mind and body. It binds with naturally occurring CBD receptors in the brain causing a noticeably lower anxiety level over time. Many people currently use cannabis oil to relieve their stress which relieves anxiety.


Re-search has shown that cannabis oil, especially CBD are anti cancer substances. Many patients and doctors are including cannabis oil with their cancer treatments will much success. The ingredients in cannabis oil has been known to shrink tumor size and help prevent new ones from forming.

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