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Trump Speaks Out On The Opioid Crisis - Declares a Public Emergency

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Moments ago President Trump held a press conference on the opioid crisis in America today. He signed an order calling it a public emergency. With over 64,000 opiate related overdose in 2016, we are literally loosing a generation to this legal, over prescribed medication. A public health emergency, unlike a national emergency, does not free up additional funding, instead relying on existing funding to be redirected.

Trump pleas for people to make an effort not to get prescribed opiate pain killers, and also announced CVS will only fill a 7 day supply of the highly addictive drug. He states that public first responder hubs will be equipped with Narcan, the lifesaving drug used to pull heroin addicts out of over-doses with a 99% success rate. In addition we are now calling these places safe havens for addicts to come if they need help. Trump also explained he would discuss the influx of Fentanyl patches coming into the country via China, with that countries president Xi Jinping in the coming weeks.

Many argue this is simply not enough, to many kids are addicted and moving on to harder street drugs like heroin and fentanyl, and dying everyday!

Cannabis activists are all asking President Trump to take a closer look at marijuana, not only as a non addictive pain management replacement to opioid, but also a money making business that Americans can benefit from. The entire "Green Cannabis Industry" is based on patient care, but not in the traditional sense. It is by the people for the people, Grass Roots - based on results and years of personal experience for many. The cannabis movement that is sweeping the nation is based on science, and peoples actual experience. It is not simply people who want to get high legally. According to The Florida Healing Connection, thousands of patients call and email daily looking to connect with a doctor who can get them off opioid.

Worldwide on-going studies show a positive success rate for marijuana replacement therapy, taking long term pain management opioid patients, and slowly switching them almost 100% off opiates. The marijuana treatments alleviate their pain symptoms enough and don't give them any of the withdrawals associated with opioid medication. Plus it's non addictive.

Florida was hit especially hard with the opioid epidemic, being named the "Pill Mill State" and even with a harsh crack down by law enforcement, the death rate climbs year by year. We have a featured article being posted tomorrow with a Florida born resident who suffered through Un- imaginable things while going through prescription pill addiction right here in Florida.

We are now supporting the 2018 Florida Cannabis Act - Which fully legalizes marijuana for recreational use. Please stop by to show your support by signing the petition online to get this initiative on the 2018 ballot.

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