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Florida Cannabis Act - 2018 Recreational Marijuana Petition

In the same way that Amendment 2 began in Florida years ago, which has now become our medical cannabis laws and a constitutional amendment, there is another cannabis initiative gaining huge support statewide. The Florida Cannabis Act (#16-02, formerly #15-19) which is a live petition to get full recreational marijuana on the 2018 ballot in the sunshine state. Legislators in Florida just finished hashing out amendment 2 legislation, which now governs our MMJ industry, and is in large part the reason recreational cannabis has gained so much momentum in a short period of time.

Most of you know that amendment 2 law limits patients on what type of cannabis they can buy and how they can ingest it. The current law states that a person can qualify for medical marijuana under expanded guidelines, set forth by the amendment's details. However they took it upon themselves to initiate a "smoking ban" which makes it illegal to smoke cannabis flower, widely agreed to be the most effective way to feel the effects of marijuana. Lawmakers said that the reason they implemented the smoking ban was because they felt that if people were allowed to smoke bud (flower) that the state would be very close to full recreational legalization and they claimed this would hurt Florida in the long run.

Out of this apparent disregard for Florida voters who passed amendment 2 by a landslide (71% in favor) the cannabis supporters ( estimated in the millions) throughout Florida have began another marijuana petition, which completely legalizes recreational marijuana in Florida.

" Florida legislators think they can just come up with rules and laws because they feel like it, even though I'm grateful to have medical marijuana access in Florida now they cant say we can't smoke it" said John Kritoff a Miami FL resident who is a current MMj patient and strong supporter of recreational pot in Florida.

Florida Cannabis Act petition states that high THC , Low THC, and CBD marijuana will be legalized and regulated similar to alcohol. It allows for growing and consumption by persons 21 years and older with valid state issued ID proving residency. See below

The Florida Cannabis Act:

Regulates marijuana (hereinafter “cannabis”) for limited use and growing by persons twenty-one years of age or older. State shall adopt regulations to issue, renew, suspend, and revoke licenses for cannabis cultivation, product manufacturing, testing and retail facilities. Local governments may regulate facilities’ time, place and manner and, if state fails to timely act, may license facilities. Does not affect compassionate use of low-THC cannabis, nor immunize federal law violations.

If you support recreational marijuana in Florida for 2018, please show it by signing the petition attached below and share it with anyone else who will support it.

Floridians were able to get medical marijuana passed with larger margins than any other state in the USA. 2018 recreational marijuana could be a reality for the sunshine state in the very near future!

The Florida Cannabis Act (#16-02, formerly #15-19) PETITION ( PDF)

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