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New Medical Marijuana Products Coming to Florida in 2018 - Mary's Medicinals

As we have mentioned before many companies from states where cannabis is and has been legal for years, are starting to move into Florida. Or at least get their products here and available for patients. Since Florida's laws state that only a licensed Treatment Center / Dispensary may manufacture and sell marijuana products in Florida, here's one way we will be getting new products from seasoned companies.

Mary's Medicinals has recently signed an exclusive deal with Liberty Health Science, a licensed Florida dispensary. They will be offering their full product line through Liberty's stores.

Mary's Medicinals has trans dermal patches, gels, topical ointments, vape oil, capsules and more to come, all available thanks to this new business venture between these 2 cannabis companies. Making more types of medicinal cannabis available to Floridians in 2018 and beyond.

More deals like this one are already on the horizon, Florida dispensary owners and license holders are looking towards the future and advancing patient care. It really comes down to where Florida laws land, because as of now recreational marijuana isn't legal, so all the big Colorado companies are still waiting to jump in. Florida is still poised to be one of the largest medical marijuana states in the country estimated at $20 Billion by 2018.

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