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Florida's "Green Rush" Industry Investments - Medical Marijuana

Since the 1st petition was signed for what is now Amendment 2 legislation, big cannabis corporations and entrepreneurs have had there eyes on Florida's "Green Rush" Industry Investments. Now that Floridians have access to medical marijuana under A2's expanded qualifications, business is booming. A flood of new mmj patients have registered with The Office of Medical Marijuana Use , the agency that governs all medical marijuana doctors and patients. Some pretty big problems have already surfaced including a 3 month wait to get approved by OMMU, after submitting everything including your MMJ recommendation loaded into the system by your doctor. Another issue that we have seen is between the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (dispensaries) the OMMU and patients. They both desperately need some real tech upgrades to improve their productivity, and efficiency.

Many doors are opening with Florida's green rush in full swing, since marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug and therefore illegal federally, many large corporations and banks wont get involved. But that creates lots of room for cannabis industry pros from areas that have legal marijuana already and local entrepreneurs to get involved.

Just take Colorado for example $300,000 last year in tax dollars alone for the state, thousands of new jobs and cutting edge innovations birthed out of necessity. Now big names in the "Green Game" are looking to make some heavy dollar investments in Florida. They figured out what to do for just about any issue that comes up from weed deliveries, doctor patient connections, and dispensary operation. They have figured out how to keep their customers happy, offering enticing cannabis deals everyday.

Floridians can now get involved investing locally in many ways like, owning cannabis dispensaries, becoming a mmj doctor, big 420 tech jobs, website builders and supporting industries that are necessary for all of this to work.

However seasoned green businesses from out of state are already making plays for their stake in Florida's "Green Rush" 2017 - 2018.

If you are interested in getting involved let us know on our Facebook Page.

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