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Recreational Marijuana in Florida 2018 | Florida Cannabis Act

If you have paid any attention to the cannabis news in Florida lately, you may have realized there is gaining support for fully legalizing marijuana in 2018, for recreational use. Even though medical marijuana is legal as of this year, the state legislators made a deal which included expanded qualifying conditions, dispensary licenses, tax incentives and of coarse the ridiculous "smoking ban". Florida law allows for vaping with either THC or CBD oil, oral tinctures and capsules, but no smoking flower. Medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts across the sunshine state felt this to be a slap in the face, since smoking marijuana is widely known to be the best way to ingest it. "Putting a ban on smoking was basically like legalizing 1/2 of what I voted for" says Robert Croft a WW2 vet that takes cannabis for an array of illnesses. "Why can't our legislators ever get it rite?"

Now there is another grass roots movement, with some additional fire power including: business and political figures, who see the benefits of legalized marijuana for the state and the people of Florida.

Florida Cannabis Act (#16-02, formerly #15-19) may appear on the 2018 ballet and if you are for recreational marijuana in Florida, please check it out and show your support.

One way to do this is heading over to John Morgan's Facebook, where he has been a part of another MMj movement poised at 2018 recreational legalization. You may remember John Morgan because he is one of the leading supporters of our 2016 Amendment 2 legislation. He spent millions of his own money getting it off the ground. He has long been a marijuana advocate and already has several lawsuits pending against the state of Florida. He is suing over the current smoking ban, he states that it violates the constitutional amendment that it is supposed to represent. "How can you take away the single best way to ingest cannabis" says Morgan. The people voted in 2017 legislation by a landslide 71% and then you go and just change around what the people want to satisfy your constituents. Morgan is also suing to decriminalize marijuana from its current schedule 1 drug, which is the same as heroin, down to a schedule 2 . This way not only can we legally study cannabis to see what other health benefits it has. Then we can get insurance companies to cover the medicine like they do for opioid today.

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