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What Are THC & CBD Marijuana Extracts | Vape Oil Florida

We've received hundreds of emails from our visitors and subscribers asking the same question, What are marijuana oil extracts? and does vaping cannabis oil give you the same feeling as smoking marijuana flower? Understanding what marijuana extracts are and why we use them is important, especially in Florida where only vape oil is legal. All the Florida dispensaries carry their own lines of cannabis oil to choose from, we encourage you to look at each of their product lines to see which one will work best for you.

The process of extracting THC and or CBD's from cannabis has been used for years, and has grown in popularity among patients looking for a quick, powerful dose of medicine. Their are several ways cannabis oil can be extracted.

1. Naphtha and petroleum ether, which are hydrocarbons and considered cancer hazards according to their respective Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by manufacturers.” Even though this is an efficient way to extract THC or CBD oil from the cannabis plant, much controversy has developed because of the potential health dangers associated with these chemicals prospectively.

2. Butane, CO2, propane, meant for inhalation purposed oil extract and ethanol, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. geared towards oral ingestion. These methods have been widely excepted as a safer way to extract oils and concentrates from the cannabis plant.

After extensive scientific analysis and testing, ethanol and olive oil were determined to be the most effective do to the high levels of concentrates produced using these methods along with the fact that they are safe for humans to ingest.

How does ingesting vape oil compare to smoking flower?

1st off smoking flower is the most popular way to ingest marijuana worldwide, and has been for as long as anyone can remember. Having said that there are some advantages and dis-advantages to both. Vape oil is legal in Florida along with oral tinctures, no flower as of 2017! When you buy a vape pen and cartridge from one of the dispensaries statewide you will receive everything needed to start vaping right away. The pens come in many different and unique designs, but all operate the same basic way. The charger end of the pen is typically equipped with a re-chargeable battery that you simply plug into any outlet. It will also have the vape oil cartridge, with either your CBD or THC oil already pre-loaded into the cylinder. After your pen is fully charged the vape oil cartridge will screw into the charging unit. You are all set, remember that each pen manufacturer is different and you may have to adjust the heat up or down depending on your tolerance levels to vaping. The hits will be smooth and tasty depending on if turpentine's where used for flavoring. The amount of CBD or THC you get from vaping is much higher per dose (Hit) so go slow, but you should start feeling the effects within minutes.

The tincture oils for oral consumption are easy to understand because you just need to remember to go slow with edibles of any kind. These oil extracts can be very powerful and by ingesting them orally you can take to much very easily. You want to find a balance between having enough to relieve your symptoms, but not to much that the experience becomes enjoyable. Each dispensary offers advice on dosing instructions for their medicine and we highly suggest a quick talk with them directly before taking any of their oral oils.

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