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Indica vs Sativa | How to pick the best cannabis for your medicine

So there have been many articles published in every paper, website, magazine and social media platform about the differences between Indica & Sativa marijuana plants, and their affects on humans. It is important to note that Florida along with 25 other states have legalized medical/recreational marijuana since 2017.

Knowing how sativa and indica strains work, allows you to pick the best cannabis for your medical needs. Some of the best research on marijuana strains has been done in the past decade with California and Colorado leading the way. Now that Florida has passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana patients are flooding into get approved and get relief from illness. The process is still new and their are some issues at the state level getting the paperwork pushed through for approving new registrations, but be a bit patient and you will get though!

Now you have your card and your ready to order your medical marijuana from a dispensary near you. Since theres ten dispensaries statewide with up to 25 satellite locations per license Florida has seen pretty good penetration of MMJ dispensary locations. For the following we will use since their the largest around with a broad choice of Indica and Sativa cannabis products for sale.

Indica Marijuana Strains

Indica is a stout, short marijuana plant that produces condensed, sticky buds loaded with Trichomes crystals when fully ripe at harvest. The Indica strain is known to consist of more THC the Psychoactive part of the plant that causes the well known euphoric effect associated with marijuana worldwide. It can be used anytime, but mostly helps with insomnia issues, anxiety because of it's calming, soothing affect and some Idica strains have been used for centuries to relieve pain, muscle cramps and is a worldwide sleep aid. Indica marijuana is a downer high with very little to no anxiety associated with it at all.

Trulieve offers Indica vape oil extract, oral tincture, high concentrate and oral syringe.

Sativa Marijuana Strains

Sativa is a wispy, tall marijuana plant that is known to grow high and fast like a weed. The buds are lighter and have a sweet fruity smell at harvest time. The Sativa strain has less THC and more CBD's the non Psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, more associated with its healing, overall sense of well being feeling. Don't get me wrong some sativa strains are very potent and pack a big punch. For the most part patients use the sativa strain in the mornings and during the day. Sativa has an uplifting affect and has been helping people with depression and anxiety for years. Sativa strains are also helping PTSD, Crohns, and ADHD patients live a better stress free life, while dealing with the acute symptoms known to go with those illness.

Trulieve offers Sativa vape oil extract, oral tincture, high concentrate, and oral syringe.

Floridians can now access Indica and Sativa cannabis products through the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Program. It is easier than ever to qualify with the expanded list of conditions accepted. Learn More

Below is an infographic on the difference between Indica vs Sativa, and the current products offered in Trulieve dispnesaries throughout Florida.

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