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2017 Qualifications For Medical Marijuana in Florida

Are you wondering if you qualify for medical marijuana under Florida's new rules, set by Amendment 2, which is now a constitutional amendment and Florida law? A2 greatly expands the qualifying conditions needed to obtain legal marijuana in the sunshine state. Floridians have had a hard road to legalization, the first regulations back in 2015 called The Charlotte's Web Initiative gave limited access to terminally ill patients and only allowed Low THC Cannabis to be dispensed. Hardly anyone even knew about this and 90% of people wouldn't have qualified anyways, while other states like California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and others were legalizing cannabis for medical use, as well as recreational. These cutting edge states have lead the way to major advancements in patient care and a pathway to legalization for the remaining states still fighting for medical marijuana, at a minimum.

Finally after millions of dollars from cannabis donors, plus activists pushing petitions and rallies, we've seen medical marijuana legalization in Florida 2017. Each state sets its own rules and implementation of their cannabis laws and Florida is no different.

Here is a breakdown of the 2017 qualifying factors to obtain medical cannabis in Florida.

Cancer - Glaucoma - Epilepsy - PTSD - HIV/AIDS - Crohn's Disease - Parkinson's - MS - Chronic Pain - Insomnia - Chronic Anxiety - Still not sure if you qualify? Ask a doctor

*Amendment 2 also states that a state certified MMJ Doctor may recommend cannabis treatments for any debilitating illness, that he or she feels the benefits of cannabis out weigh the negative effects.

Since the regulations took effect in June this year more than 30,000 new cannabis patient registrations have been approved by The Department Of Marijuana Use, the state regulatory administration charged with managing all marijuana patients statewide.

As a new potential cannabis patient you must remember that Amendment 2 was passed by 72% of Floridians who wanted legal access to cannabis's healing properties for a wide range of conditions. " We wanted real access to regular strength marijuana for things like anxiety, depression, and pain relief. Lets face it most of us have been using 420 for decades and already know what the drug can do to alleviate symptoms" says Montel Jones a cannabis activist from Tallahassee. It is pretty easy to qualify for medical marijuana in Florida for 2017 and hopefully we will be able to get full recreational, along with a declassification from a schedule 1 to a schedule 2 drug with the Feds.

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