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3 Steps to easily get a Florida medical marijuana card - Marijuana Doctors

Congratulations on Florida's new medical cannabis laws, now allowing patients to receive MMJ treatments for debilitating illness. Amendment 2 legislation has greatly expanded the qualifying conditions needed to obtain medical 420 throughout the sunshine state. Since late June people have been flooding to marijuana doctors across the state, in order to get a cannabis recommendation. Over 30,000 new registered cannabis patients and counting! As a result The Department Of Marijuana Use is on a 60 day wait for processing a new MMJ applicant even if you have already seen the doctor and sent in your $75 registration fee by check to the DOH, they are simply overwhelmed. To help simplify the entire, sometimes confusing process, you should read 3 Steps to easily get a Florida medical marijuana card below.

1. Do some re-search online, there are a few reputable websites offering marijuana doctors statewide. Check the doctors Google reviews, pricing, services, and renewal process. But you will need to decide, because before you can do anything you must see a state certified medical marijuana doctor and get a cannabis recommendation. It will be helpful if you check the Florida MMJ qualifying conditions before you go to the doctors office, have any documentation on it with you as well. (This includes a former diagnosis from another doctor in the past)

2. Get together the documents the state will need from you, because shortly after your MMJ doctors appointment you will be receiving an email directly from the Department Of Marijuana Use welcoming you to the medical marijuana use program and prompting you to click a link to your profile. Once there they will need you to up-load or mail them the following: 2x2 picture of your face straight on, with a white background. Also proof of Florida residency, like an electric bill, drivers license, or a specified document by the department. You will also have to include a check or money order mailed in the the dept for $75.00 which is the yearly fee to Florida for your medical marijuana card. Don't forget to include your patient number on the check, found in your profile.

3. After the department approves your profile, by receiving your payment and verifying the other things are in compliance (again this approval time is running 2 months behind) you are ready to call a Florida marijuana dispensary. Their helpful staff will go over their list of products, delivery options, and prices. Then your cannabis is ready for pick up, or home delivery. (typically a $25 charge for delivery statewide)

It helps if you have a feel for the different products offered by the 10 current marijuana dispensaries, however the staff at anyone of them are very knowledgeable and can assist you with anything cannabis related.

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