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CBD Oil vs THC Oil | Florida Medical Marijuana

Florida is now boasting a new and very busy medical marijuana industry, which has been through quite a roller coaster in the past few years. Even now the Medical Marijuana Use Dept is overwhelmed with just over 30,000 new cannabis patients to hit the registry this year. Now that Floridians have access to this new advancement in patient care, many are seeking treatment through their MMJ doctors and asking an important question CBD Oil vs THC Oil? Well this is a very broad subject with lots of old, current and even future findings online for all to see It really depends on what you are trying to treat.

CBD Oil is known for its health balancing properties, mainly the potent cannabinoid CBD which can be extracted to make oil concentrates that are then consumed by humans in a number of ways. CBD Oil has shown scientific proof that it can reduce stress, help with memory, stop pain, and give people an overwhelming sense of balance.

THC Oil is the part of the cannabis plant that causes euphoria in human beings, it is actually the most well known ingredient in the marijuana plant. The "high" THC causes is being harnessed by doctors worldwide and is now being sought after by millions of people with debilitating illnesses. Floridians are just now at the tip of the ice burg, and hope to have the same full access to the marijuana plant as our brothers and sisters in California and Colorado. Even though Florida Medical Marijuana is here, the industry has a long way to go until people feel like Amendment 2 the FLMMJ Legislation is truly being honored.

As of today a medical marijuana doctor anywhere in Florida may recommend CBD Oil, or THC Oil cannabis treatments for anyone of the qualifying conditions dictated by amendment 2. These qualifiers have been greatly expanded to include PTSD, Parkinson's, Crohns, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and more! Many patients are seeing immediate relief from thse issues with a strong daily dose of CBD oil products alone and often mixed with a high dose of THC medical marijuana products.

Since CBD, and THC compounds can be found in different amounts depending on the strain of the cannabis plant, we are now able to modify the patients treatment plans to obtain maximum relief with no negative side effects. Unless you feel like being hungry, or getting sleepy are bad side effects to have. Being able to legally order cannabis allows patients to positively manipulate their treatments by choosing different strains offered by the Florida Dispensaries. Sativa THC Oil has a coffee like effect causing a more "up lifting high" and is known to be a day time treatment. As where Indica is more known for its calming effects and is used mainly as a sleep, or relaxation aid. Since CBD Oil doesn't have the same psychoactive effects that is sister cannabinoids THC have they can be used day or night with a more general, well balanced healthy feeling.

Proof that CBD and THC Oil extracts really work can only be decided by you, the patients and consumers! Now that the medical marijuana laws are being implemented throughout the country, more and more states are giving their citizens access to this healing medicine. You can now find high quality marijuana products in dispensaries in Florida and 25 other states across the nation. Access CBD Oil Here

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