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New Marijuana Dispensaries to open in Florida | Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Are you looking for your local Marijuana Dispensary? We understand that it is still a bit confusing with the states new medical marijuana industry just taking shape the past few months. With new Amendment 2 legislature into law, we have seen a huge influx of Medical Marijuana Dispensary dollars pouring into our cities. There have been over 10 new Marijuana Dispensaries opening up per month, from Miami thru Jacksonville and Tampa and St Pete too. There is a choice when seeking out a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Florida. They all offer a different incentive that does change from time to time but all targeting your business. The application process and money needed to start a dispensary is through the roof, in the millions so all of the new and old marijuana dispensaries want you to buy your cannabis from them.

Trulieve is Florida's largest marijuana dispensary with over 20 locations throughout the state and another 50 planned within the next 5 years. They offer their medical marijuana patients an awesome $75 discount when you buy through one of their dispensary locations.

Knox Medical is another Marijuana Dispensary with its main headquarters located in Orlando FL. They offer a higher THC content then Truelieve by 4% in their Vaping products and also give new medical marijuana patients a free vape with purchases over $100, and also free delivery with the same total. This marijuana dispensary chain is also poised to grow exponentially within the next few years as Florida's Marijuana industry takes off.

There are a total of 10 Marijuana Dispensary licenses in Florida with no additional ones that are going to be available anytime soon. Each Marijuana Dispensary can have up to 25 locations so we will see a huge spike in the number that open up sometime soon near you.

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