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Florida's Medical Marijuana Doctors cant keep up with demand!

It's true just since May this year the Florida Department Of Compassionate Use ( Now called The Office of Medical Marijuana Use) reports that just over 30,000 new cannabis patients have paid, and been approved through the statewide registry. Floridians have overwhelmed the just over 1,000 state certified medical marijuana doctors currently allowed to recommend cannabis to qualifyed, approved patients. But there is hope Florida legislators say they are going to ramp up the DOMU staff to handle the HUGE influx of people who realize that Marijuana Health Benefits far out way the if any negative impacts this drug has on the human body. By the end of 2017 Florida Medical Marijuana patients will be maxed out at around 50,000. By 2020 the DOH says that we will have around 400,000 new registered medical marijuana patients throughout the sunshine state.

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