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Florida Medical Cannabis | Florida Marijuana

Florida Medical Cannabis | Florida Marijuana

Welcome to our Florida Medical Cannabis information, and education portal. Here you will find the most current, accurate Florida Medical Marijuana news, laws, and legislature information updates. We offer visitors unlimited access to Florida's Medical Marijuana industry, including all Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, Dispensaries, and how to get your Florida Medical Marijuana Cards help service. We can walk you through the entire process from start to finish!

The medical marijuana scene is here, and while our legislatures failed to in act proper legislation, the department of health will now come up with Florida's Medical Marijuana Legislation to govern our new laws.

If you need help understanding how to navigate Florida's new medical marijuana industry, feel free to contact us anytime for personal assistance by one of our seasoned marijuana concierge.

We can set you up for an online tele meds video chat appointment with a Florida medical marijuana doctor near you. Then we can help you set up your patient profile on the department of compassionate use's website. Finally we can help make sure you stay on track for the state and get your new Florida Medical Marijuana Card, so you can then order medical marijuana from the Florida dispensary nearest to you!

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