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Florida's Medical Marijuana Laws & Legislature

Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

Florida's medical marijuana industry is here! As we prepare for the new legislation to take effect, the interest of marijuana dispensaries and doctors has peeked throughout Florida. Many residents are now turning to cannabis for such things as PTSD, anxiety, pain, cancer, HIV-Aids, and even persistent muscle spasms. The state has just moved the bill from the house to the senate for the final vote on the legislation that will govern this new industry, that many are calling "Florida's Green Rush"

We can already see millions of dollars pouring into the sunshine state via, medical marijuana dispensaries, like Trulieve, who just opened their Miami cannabis dispensary and have plans to open a Vero Beach location soon. We can be reasonably sure that the additional 12 grower/dispensary licenses that Florida will be issuing, will be paid for in cash, upfront, by the many cannabis entrepreneurs.

Currently, however, the process to get qualified and get your legal marijuana card is a bit more difficult. I have found one online source that seems to be leading the way into this new market place and making it easier to connect with the local doctors and dispensaries nearest to you. It is Florida Medical Marijuana Connection!

Stay tuned to my posts here for detailed information as it develops. Legal Florida 420 is finally here!

It is true as of May in Florida we dont have the marijuana legislation in place, thanks to our senate who could not come to terms with the number of medical marijuana dispensaries could be established in Florida. So now the department of health is charged with coming up with the new laws. Making this an ever frustrating situation for Floridians suffering from debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer, Crohns Disease, HIV-AIDS, Persistent Muscle Spasms and more qualifying conditions in Florida to obtain medical marijuana legally. Waiting for the 90 day period from when you 1st see the medical marijuana doctor in Florida must go away. We cant hold people's medecine hostage anymore. The peopel have spoken with amendment 2 71% victory in Nov 2016. Lets get our Florida Medical Marijuana Laws and Cards in effect already!

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