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Coming Soon Florida's Medical Marijuana Laws |

We are all getting anxious waiting for the April deadline on the final draft of the new Florida Medical Marijuana Laws and Legislation. We will soon know the information like how many dispensaries will be allowed in Florida? Will Floridians need a Florida Medical Marijuana card? Or will our dispensaries be called Cannabis Treatment Centers? All of this and more is right around the corner, and cant come soon enough for those of us that need our medicine like yesterday.

There are already some big players in Florida's Medical Marijuana industry like Truelieve, already operating dispensary locations throughout Florida in Clearwater, Tampa, Tallahassee and now slated for 4 additional openings in Bradenton, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola and St Peters burg. So most of us will have a pretty close location to get medical marijuana in Florida. But the real test will be how does the legislation really mirror Amendment 2 that was passed legalizing Cannabis in the state. Will the little guy be able to get into the Florida Marijuana market and get a growers license, and will we get the 3 tear system like other states giving Florida Medical Marijuana Licenses for Growers, dispensaries and caregivers too. All of this and more coming in just over a month. Although we most likely wont actually see Medical Marijuana under amendment 2 hit the state till late 2017.

If you are looking to be 1st in line for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card please fill out the contact us form HERE. Let us know where you are, what your looking for and we will connect you with the closest DR prescribing Medical Cannabis and CBD Oils, and the closets Dispensary/Treatment Center near you to get your medicine.

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