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South Florida Medical Marijuana dispensaries coming soon!

With Amendment 2 passing with overwhelming votes in Nov 2016, we now await the 6 months to get the Legislation down pat, and then no more than 9 months to having that serving the people! In Theory this sounds great, are we going to have South Florida Medical Marijuana dispensaries now? What are the Laws governing this new "Green Time" for Floridians.

Can patients in real need finally get the CBD Oil in S Florida? These are all questions that we will have to wait for the politicians to finish up their work for the answers and I am sure we will be changing and or fixing things as we go.

We are dedicated to tracking the progress of the Florida Medical Cannabis legislature and bring ALL of our subscribers accurate Up-To-Date information for all Laws passed, Florida Doctors writing Marijuana prescriptions, local South Florida Cannabis dispensaries, and much more!


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