NORML Holds Florida Marijuana Laws Discussion in Orlando Jan 6th 2018


Arguably the largest Cannabis support group in the world, who has been responsible for marijuana reform across the U.S. NORML now sets it’s focus on Florida laws and legislation. Its holding an Orlando, FL meeting that you can attend, to tackle patient related issues in Florida. Together with marijuana advocates, doctors and the public, NORML will shead some light on the monopoly created in Florida’s dispensary business, that drives prices up and quality down.

The organization will spearhead issues Florida experienced this past year and promote new legislation for 2018.

NORML and their supporters nationwide look to drastically increase medical marijuana quality and significantly raise awareness about patient care.

The current marijuana laws in Florida restrict dispensaries from establishing business relationships with outside growers and must cultivate, process and sell their own versions of cannabis products.

Known as a Horizontally Integrated System, this can limit the quality of products that patients get, since there is no competition and the end product you ingest, is the best medicine that dispensary can produce.

NORML will have guest speakers from other states that have legal marijuana attend and speak on this and many other related issues affecting Floridians today.

There has been so much controversy since 2017 marijuana laws hit the books in Florida. Most well known is the current litigation on Florida’s “no smoking ban” by famed Orlando attorney John Morgan. Which is set in for opening arguments this month in Leon County FL.

For more information about NORML and their currently scheduled Florida appearances check out their website here.