Marijuana Oil Infused Pumkin Pie Desert – Florida

Marijuana oil

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Florida Medical Marijuana patients and supporters! We wanted to give everyone an amazing, Marijuana Infused Pumpkin Pie desert recipe, for the holiday season. Typically cannabis infused foods, are popular in states, where recreational marijuana is legal. However since Floridians can not access flower, buds, we are simply replacing the THC Oil extracts they use, with legal marijuana oil we can buy from a Florida Dispensary today.

If you live in Florida and would like to try medical marijuana legally, and dont know where to start , we can help! Let us know what city you are in and what questions about medical cannabis treatments, or MMJ qualifyers in Florida. Then you can make marijuana infused foods, for your holiday season too!

Marijuana Oil Infused Pumkin Pie Desert recipe