Knox Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Tuesday in Palm Beach County


Anxious Palm Beach County Medical Marijuana patients await a new dispensary opening for business. Knox Medical, a marijuana dispensary, with locations throughout Florida, opens its newest location in Palm Beach County Tuesday 11/14/17. Located at 1 South Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth FL, it’s the first medical cannabis dispensary allowed by Palm Beach County officials, who were torn, not wanting “pot shops” within city limits. Finally caving to local residents demands, along with the huge potential financial gains for the city, Knox Medical will be the first.

But don’t worry, with just over 50,000 new medical marijuana patients registered already and the OMMU on a 3 month backlog approving new applicants, there will be more dispensaries opening in Palm Beach County soon! In fact most major cities throughout the sunshine state, have already approved multiple dispensaries locations and have more planned in the near future.

Florida still has some hurdles to get through, there is still a no smoking ban on marijuana flower, only vape oils, capsules, and tinctures are currently allowed. It’s also very expensive, most marijuana doctors are charging $200 plus the state fees and of coarse you still have to buy your medicine from the dispensary. You will be about $500 bucks in by the time you take your first puff!

However Knox Medical and other dispensaries throughout Florida are making access easy, and offer high quality THC and CBD products to patients who can afford it.