John Morgan’s Smoking Ban Lawsuit For Medical Marijuana Gets A Court Date


Patients in the sunshine state have been on edge waiting for some clarification on the states MMJ laws. Since Amendment 2 was passed last year people could access cannabis as medicine, but without being allowed to buy “flower” and theirs a ban on smoking pot too.

However now John Morgan’s smoking ban lawsuit for medical marijuana finally gets a court date. Judge Karen Gievers in Leon County FL set a trial date for May 16th. This will be a non-jury trial and will determine the outcome for patients who want to moke marijuana buds.

The no smoking ban was enacted after Florida lawmakers were unable to get a deal implementing Amendment 2 legislation into law.

The deal was struck as right-wing Rebulicans pressured to ban smoking cannabis siting a public health concern.

Morgan and United for Care have brought forward this lawsuit and say that the ban on smoking marijuana simply unconstitutional.

The state filed a motion to dismiss Morgans lawsuit, which was thrown out by Judge Gievers immediately. She stated that Morgan has a case and that it will be heard.

Florida may not have to wait long for smokable flower, we will update the situation after the trial begins May 16th, 2018.