How To Successfully Obtain Medical Marijuana in Florida

Medical Marijuana

Just about everyone knows that medical marijuana is legal in the sunshine state, but how you actually get it in your hands is a different story. Since early this year cannabis treatments for debilitating illness in Florida are legal, giving licensed doctors the ability to recommend CBD and THC marijuana as medicine, to treat an array of symptoms. Making headlines statewide in June, lawmakers reached an agreement during a special session, implementing Amendment 2 into law. The new medical marijuana regulations had many shortcomings, but did allow access to qualifying patients and ultimately is what Floridians voted for.

The new MMJ laws make it clear, that a patient seeking treatments must visit a licensed MMJ doctor and receive a medical marijuana recommendation. The state also governs the industry by directing all doctors and patients through its Office Of Medical Marijuana Use, charged with approving new applicants for their ID cards. The way the system is set up, you need the OMMU to sign off on your acct before the marijuana dispensaries will allow you to pick up your medications. Since their have been over 50,000 patients already in the states registry and hundreds of thousands more waiting for either OMMU approvals, or to see their MMJ docs, the system is over-loaded to say the least. In order to successfully obtain medical marijuana in Florida you need to find the right doctor, who will give a cannabis recommendation ASAP! You will need to mail Tallahassee a check, or money order for $75 which is the fee for the marijuana ID card. The OMMU also requires you to send them proof of Florida residency.

After you see the doctor, get your recommendation and take care of your OMMU approval your ready to get your marijuana! There is only 1 way, which is through a Florida state licensed medical marijuana dispensary (MMJ Treatment Center) 12 current licenses exist and are owned by different companies. They all must cultivate, harvest, manufacture and sell their brand of marijuana products themselves. You can easily search all of their products online, for now only oil extracts for oral or inhalation ingestion is allowed. Most of the Florida dispensaries offer some type of delivery services for free or a fee depending on which one you choose to buy from. They also offer slightly different takes on these products including: strains, potency and pricing.