Florida Senate Bill 726 Filed to Re-Legalize Marijuana Flower for Smoking


Legislation has been filed, Senate Bill 726, to re-legalize the inhalation of herbal cannabis formulations for medical purposes

Florida patients and the medical marijuana industry have been through alot since legalization this year. Many doctors have become certified to recommend cannabis treatments throughout the sunshine state and patients are lined up to get treatments. 71% of Florida voters approved Amendment 2, giving broader access to more qualifying patients then ever before. But the final legislation specifically banned “smoking marijuana flower” but did allow for marijuana extracts, oils and topical to be used.

Many people online have erupted with anger at state legislators over the smoking ban, saying that law makers simply catered to their constitutes instead of adhering to the will of the people. By taking away the ability to smoke cannabis you are limiting the healing effects. Smoking is the most natural and best delivery system for weed to be ingested. Yes vaping cannabis oil is good, but why take away the marijuana buds we all know and love. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have been exploding with comments about this. Even attorneys like John Morgan, one of the initial proponents of medical marijuana in Florida have taken up arms filing lawsuits against the state.