CBD Cream vs. CBD Tinctures: A Guide to Choosing Topicals vs. Tinctures

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The cannabis industry dictates a considerable market share. This has seen more forms of CBD emerge in a single decade than in the last century. Today, you can opt to buy cannabis in numerous forms, including gummies, edibles, beverages, sprays, capsules, dry herbs, and flowers, among others.

However, each of the cannabis varieties will require different intake techniques and methods. For instance, the application of CBD creams is through the skin, while the intake of CBD tinctures would be most effective through oral ingestion.

It all depends on the unique needs of the patient. Nonetheless, you might find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between creams and tinctures. So, which between the two is best for you? Here is a brief review comparing CBD cream and tinctures:

What to know about CBD cream

What’s the definition of CBD? This question might leave some people in paradox, trying to figure out the correct meaning of the acronym. Well, the acronym stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant.

CBD cream is a form of cannabidiol product that one can apply on the skin to help relieve numerous skin conditions. You can also apply the lotion to help with acne, dry skin, and several other ailments. According to studies, CBD creams can help mitigate eczema and dermatitis. CBD creams and lotions also help rejuvenate your skin.

When applying the CBD cream, it is advisable to avoid low-grade CBD products that might worsen your condition. Whenever possible, try to obtain your products from reputable retailers and dispensaries near you. CBD creams are effective in relieving muscle tensions and moisturizing your skin after a long day’s work. If you are feeling creative enough, you can choose to create a spa-atmosphere with the cream in the comfort of your home.

Unlike CBD tinctures which combine different carrier ointments and pure CBD, CBD topicals make use of various ingredients to come up with a superior skincare product.

CBD creams are inconspicuous and can pass for regular lotions and creams. What’s more, you can add various other products to your cream to create a customized remedy. Menthol, aloe, hemp oil, bacopa, arnica, and tea tree oil are typical additions. You can effortlessly use CBD creams at work and other public places.

Is CBD tincture any better?

Although typical CBD in tinctures is just as effective as in topicals, with tinctures, it is slightly different. You can consume CBD tinctures orally or through a sublingual application. CBD tinctures come in various volumes ranging from as little as 5mg to higher doses.

The popularity of this CBD product revolves around the high level of potency it provides. There are droppers with ultra-concentrated CBD that can reach up to 166mg.

However, when you are taking CBD for medical purposes, it is recommendable you seek advice from your healthcare provider to get the right dosage for your condition. Dealing with droppers is seamless and straightforward since the dropper offers great convenience.

Also, CBD tinctures don’t feature measuring devices, so you need a measuring tool to calculate the right dose. Studies indicate that creams use receptors on the skin surface to penetrate into your system, while tinctures go through the mucous membrane under the tongue. Tinctures are relatively convenient, and the built-in dropper in every tincture means you can use them anywhere. If you need higher doses of CBD, tinctures are the best option for you.

Which is the best?

There is no superior choice between the two. Moreover, both CBD creams and tinctures go for almost similar prices. The only notable difference is the availability of tinctures as they are quite numerous.

However, with regards to your unique needs and objectives, the option you choose can be monumentally crucial. In certain situations where you might require a more potent source of CBD, tinctures offer the perfect option to turn to. They are also easy to carry around and present more convenience.

It all boils down to what you as a patient need and what you intend on achieving. However, before you proceed to purchase your preferred CBD product, check the legality of cannabis in your area. The same goes for products like vaporizer, dabs, and bongs that require you to be concerned about all the similar characteristics.

What you should check

As with any other medication, there are various crucial factors you should consider first before buying your favorite cream or lotion. Apart from the reputation of the cannabis source, checking the labeling can prove quite significant. This will reveal numerous properties such as the contents, their concentration, and maybe prescription insights. Here are several other aspects that you can look at to ensure you get the best deal:

  • Quality – This is crucial, especially if you are taking CBD creams and lotions to deal with an underlying medical condition. To get hold of ultra-quality CBD products, try to buy your supply from a well-known dispensary that vouches for premium products. If you fail to find one near you, try your luck in a reputable online store.
  • Objectives – Your goals are as important as the quality of the product you choose. If you want potent stuff, you should check the labeling of the bottle to discern the concentration if you are unsure. The objectives you have will also determine the type of product you take.
  • Lab results- Checking subsequent lab results can help you acquire vital information regarding the cream or lotion you are about to buy. The results will allow you to know if the product you are using is safe for consumption and if so, how much of the drug you should take.


There is no winner between these two CBD products. However, some traits make each perfect for a particular occasion. For instance, CBD creams are more appropriate when dealing with issues that affect your skin. On the other hand, CBD tinctures are best suited for intake methods that require ingestion. As always, try to purchase high-quality CBD products, whether creams or lotions, to get the desired results. Consulting a professional is sometimes important if you feel that there is something off beam. They also provide necessary information on matters such as prescriptions.

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