A Look At Medical Marijuana In Florida 2017 – Plus whats in store for 2018


Floridian’s have had a roller coaster year in 2017 , with medical marijuana being legalized under Amendment 2’s expanded qualifications. Patients can now use cannabis as medicine under the supervision of a state certified medical marijuana doctor, to treat symptoms of debilitating illness.

Florida’s Marijuana Industry is growing at an exponential rate.

Over 1,200 MMJ doctors are currently certified by Florida to recommend cannabis and growing every month. You can now find one in every major city throughout the state.

There have been 13 licensed Marijuana Dispensaries or Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, which can each have up to 25 satellite locations, under amendment 2 legislation, currently signed into law. Although they haven’t penetrated into every city, you can easily order your cannabis through any one of them. 100% of the dispensaries in Florida offer some type of home delivery service.

There are currently over 50,000 new patients that have been approved through, The Office Of Medical Marijuana Use. In fact the OMMU has seen substantial delays in approving new applicants in 2017, due to under staffing and the inability to except credit card payments. As marijuana is still on the federal schedule 1 drug list, banks and financial institutions wont accept any payments related to the industry.

Florida legalized vape oil, oral oils and topical solutions as cannabis products. As of 2017 patients may not smoke marijuana in the traditional sense, flower. Although national cannabis advocate organizations like, United For Care and local marijuana supporter John Morgan have pending lawsuits about this issue. Floridians are hoping to have a resolution in favor of cannabis flower in early 2018.

New Medical Marijuana news in Florida for 2018 coming soon, including new dispensaries that open up. If you are still looking to utilize marijuana to treat your illness, but don’t know where to start, we can help.

Did you know that in 2018 its legal to buy CBD Oil?