5 Steps to access Medical Marijuana in Florida


Many patients have asked for a simple guide, on how to get approved for cannabis, start to finish. Even with the back log in new applicant approvals, it’s not hard! Florida Office Of Medical Marijuana Use Official Site

Below we have come up with a useful infographic describing, the 5 steps to access medical marijuana in Florida today.

5 Steps to obtain medical marijuana card in florida

If you are having problems obtaining medical marijuana treatments in the sunshine state, please contact us for help.

We are always helping people access the healing, health benefits of cannabis. For a list of medical marijuana providers near you check this page out.

Each Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (Dispensary) is legally allowed 25 locations throughout Florida. Find the dispensary near me now.

Did you know that in Florida 2017-2018 you can buy CBD Oil without a doctors recommendation? Thats right CBD Hemp products are 100% legal to buy and consume!