3 Top Winter Marijuana Strains – Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


It’s already December and the holidays are here! As you hustle to get shopping done, buying gifts for family and friends don’t forget to take a smoke break. In fact make sure you know, the Top 3 Winter Marijuana Strains that are available in Florida Marijuana Dispensaries today.

As you know, different strains can have very different effects on the body and mind. From the best Indica to Sativa, heres what Florida has to offer patients as of now.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana program has been in full swing this year, with many exiting things coming for 2018! In addition to over 50,000 new approved Medical Marijuana Patients, more dispensaries are open for business then ever before. All selling their own strains of marijuana as medicine today.

1. Cannabis supporters have launched the Florida Cannabis Act, which fully legalized marijuana for recreational use, throughout the sunshine state.

2. John Morgan and United for Care have pending litigation with the state of Florida over the “No Smoking Ban” which doesn’t allow for marijuana flower, also known as buds to be sold or smoked.

3. All 12 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are licensed to grow, process and sell their brand of cannabis products. Theres some new and interesting things on the horizon like, high THC and CBD topical patches, nasal sprays and vape oils.

4. Florida Marijuana Dispensaries have opened up many new locations and all offer their form of home delivery services. Some charge a fee and others do not.

Understandably the current legislation isn’t perfect and most people smoke weed anyways, according to recent polls on adults who use cannabis flower regularly.

Being that as it may, we wanted to make sure that all Floridians understand, the best medical marijuana strains available, for approved, marijuana patients, statewide.

#1 On our list is Trulieve’s Granddaddy Purple Indica

It’s available in 250 mg and 600mg vape cartridges for $ 37.00 – $74.00

Granddaddy Purple hit the scene in 2003 by a guy named Estes. It’s a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle and is now well known for its intense Indica, body high effects, mixed with a wicked psychoactive mind high that gives users a sense of extreme euphoria, while relaxing the body as well. Granddaddy Purple marijuana vape pens deliver a soft or stronger dose depending on how hard you pull. This is great because new users can start slow and build as they feel confident in it’s effects. While regular users can get a huge hiot that instantly delivers relief to mind and body as needed.

Granddaddy Purple is typically used to treat severe pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more!

#2 Must be Curaleaf’s Sour Diesel Sativa

This is available in 300mg and 400mg vape pen cartridges for $45.00 to $60.00.

Sour Diesel is a well known Sativa strain, that has great cerebral effects, giving users an uplifting, energetic feeling. Sour D is one of the most widely used strains among MMJ patients, everyone has heard of it , most have smoked it. This strain has a very distinct pungent, diesel taste that is followed by a wave of warm uplifting euphoria. Many people use sour diesel in the mornings, it’s a great way to start your day. There is little to no come down and you will be ready for another puff within a couple hours. Curaleaf offers a high quality sour diesel we suggest you try!

#3 Last but certainly not least would have to be Knox Medical, Blue Dream Hybrid

Blue Dream by Knox is actually called their Baldor line, which is their blended hybrid products. Available in 300mg or 600mg vape oil cartridges for $45.00 to $90.00.

You can easily see why this is a favorite for Florida patients, since Knox typically has a 30% THC content (a bit higher than others at 24%) you get a highly potent vape oil, to treat your conditions with. As you may know Blue Dream is a popular strain worldwide, with huge blue colas, drenched in crystals that seem to dry perfectly. Knox Medical has Blue Dream Vape Oil Extracts or Sub lingual drops. Blue Dream is great during the day or at night time because its a hybrid and gives you the best of both worlds. It wont put you right to sleep, but also wont give you the anxiety some people feel from really strong Sativas.

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