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Today, Florida Medical Marijuana looks much different from years past, in fact, new legislation allows for marijuana to be used as treatments for many symptoms of illness. Plus new research suggests that marijuana in both CBD and THC forms can be beneficial to a person's health in many ways, according to Harvard Health.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

Since 2017, Florida legalized marijuana for patients who qualify under expanded conditions outlined within Amendment 2, FL MMJ laws. Thousands of people have already been certified for medical marijuana in Florida in 2019.


Best Medical Marijuana Doctors In Florida 2019

To handle the demand more than 2,100 physicians have become certified to recommend medical marijuana to qualified patients. These doctors are from all walks of medicine and have decided that they see the HUGE upside to cannabis as medicine. Some of these 420 doctors have specialized training for CBD  and, or, THC treatments. They have demonstrated an understanding of how cannabis interacts with the human body to alleviate pain, subdue anxiety, and inhibit inflammation, one of the leading causes of illness today.


OMMU Registry

Florida's Office Of Medical Marijuana Use that oversees all licensing for doctors patients and dispensaries statewide. They will have final approval before you receive your medical marijuana card in Florida!


Florida Dispensaries in 2019

Florida started with a few medical marijuana dispensaries, which has grown to over 150. plus, all are owned and operated by the 28 state-licensed dispensaries in Florida.  These dispensaries all carry a wide selection of medical marijuana products under state law. Each of them has a unique version of their cannabis products and are progressing daily to meet Floridian's demands. 


As of 2019, you can find a marijuana dispensary in every major city, if not 2, or 3. Plus new legislation may allow for additional locations for branch dispensary locations in smaller cities throughout Florida. Giving more people access to cannabis as medicine, than ever before. 


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